Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Technology and the Magic Kingdom

I spent part of today having a fascinating conversation with Chris Boniforti, the CIO at Lynn University. He was telling me about ways Lynn is using and planning to use technology to make everyone’s time more productive and to make things better for our student’s as well…plus making the educational experience so much richer. He even convinced me to get ready to ditch my beloved Moleskin notebooks and use an iPad instead using Evernote. Chris also told me about Inkling, a new company developing interactive textbooks for the iPad.

On the topic of technology, a friend from the southwest sent over this blog from Jennifer Fickley-Baker. This is a very nice “backstage” look at how the Walt Disney Company is using new technology to renovate their attractions. Taking a look at the video, it’s a wonderful way to use the new tablets while making it easier for your team to work together

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