Monday, August 29, 2011

Resources for Entrepreneurs

Talking to today to one of our faculty here at Lynn University about books for entrepreneurship classes, and we agreed that there are a ton of books out there; sort of like the amount of resources that are on the web to help entrepreneurs. While some sites are better than others, here is my listing of some of my favorite’s websites/blogs. I’ll provide some of my favorite books in a coming post.

Entrepreneurs Network
Bikers Guide to Business
Daniel Pink
Ask the VC
Feld Thoughts
Sean Branagan
Sramana Mitra
The Future of Less


  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful books in this post. Obviously, these resources are extremely helpful for entrepreneurs. I would also recommend to add this entrepreneur blog to the list where you can find a lot of useful information about SEO, online marketing, etc. Great website!

  2. Great list of resources! With these resources you can increase your effectiveness in targeting markets and assist you as you launch or grow your business.. Here's another blog/website that also provides list of useful resources for entrepreneurs to help you start, run and grow your businesses better.

  3. Great list, specially if you're a budding businessman and you'll find various resources for entrepreneurs that you will find invaluable.