Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Like (Finally) Twitter

OK, I’ll say it. I like Twitter. Finally.

For me, this was a long time in coming. I was an early adopter and got involved with Twitter in its formative days. I tweeted, read posts and followed people… people I really wanted to listen to. And then I started following lots more people…lots and lots more people so many so that I couldn’t seem to follow what anyone was saying anymore. I felt like I was sitting on the bank of the Shoshone River in Wyoming just watching the water rush by…except in my case it was watching a river of tweets run past me and there was no way I could see what anyone really was saying any more and worse yet I was missing out on lots of interesting content. For me, content is the king on Twitter as I love seeing people suggest articles in places that I’d never find. But with so much stuff roaring past me, I knew I was missing out on stuff I really wanted to read.

I talked to folks and they told me to “unfollow” people, but for my Midwestern sensibilities that just seemed plain rude. So I stopped using Twitter. Oh, I’d post things and read a bit here and there, but for me Twitter was a non-factor. And then, right before I left Syracuse to come to Lynn University, I asked social media guru Kelly Lux what she used, and she recommended Hoot Suite.

So I set up Hoot Suite, read some more stuff on the internet about Twitter, and I can say I really “get” it now. I’ve set up multiple streams on Hoot Suite that I’ve divided into things I like to read about. I’ve got an entrepreneurship stream, a politics stream (wish I had a better idea who to follow here), an interesting persons stream, a sports stream and a foodie stream. And I’ve arranged people I’m following into those streams; not everyone ends up there, so I still following the rushing river, but I just do it a couple of times a day. And I use my “streams” a lot like I would a newspaper (or CNBC on the TV in my office)…I go to it in the morning, around lunch and again in the evening to see who is saying what, and more importantly what articles they’re linking to. Which for me, is the best thing about Twitter, it allows me to read more things and be connected to more interesting content than I ever would have previously. So even though I jumped on it early, I can now say that I’m really using Twitter…and yes, I really like it.

And you can follow me at DeanTomKruczek...on my new friend...Twitter!

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