Friday, February 26, 2010

Using Social Media in Times of Trouble

Social media is at the forefront of the marketing battle these days…Facebook, Twitter, Ning and more are now major parts of companies, especially entrepreneurial companies, marketing plans. And then, something unfortunate happens in your organization and you're faced with a decision on how to proceed.

I’ve been following closely what Sea World is doing relative to their social media effort in light of the horrible situation with the death of one of their animal trainers. I’ve admired Sea World’s Twitter campaign…Shamu was one of my favorites in terms of following, but also in terms of showing folks how Twitter (and social media in general) can be used. Here are a couple of links to recent articles in the Orlando Sentinel regarding the Sea World social media campaign and what they’re doing now.

Sea World Impresses with Online Response to Trainers Death

Social Media Risks

Here’s hoping that Sea World will bring Shamu back soon to Twitter.

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