Friday, February 5, 2010

Ten9Eight Shoot for the Moon

Last night before Chris Gardner’s class here at the Whitman School, he told me about a new movie on youth entrepreneurship. Then this morning, in a phone conversation with Phil McNeill of Virginia, he tells me the same thing. When two guys like this tell you to do something…well, I just have to pay attention.

Take a look at Ten9Eight Shoot for the Moon. It’s a wonderful story about inner city youths and a business plan competition. It’s being shown on Sunday (yes, before the Super Bowl, so it won’t interfere) on BET at noon. Take a look at the trailer, and then set the TIVO and make sure you record it. Or as the columnist Thomas Friedman put it: "Obama should arrange for this movie to be shown in every classroom in America. It is the most inspirational, heartwarming movie you will ever see."- Thomas L. Friedman, The New York Times, January 23, 2010


  1. I was actually just given a really cool book called “Young Guns” as a gift. For those of you that are trying to establish yourself in the business world like I am, I’ve been reading this book and it actually gives you the best and most specific tips for achieving success at a young age.

  2. Thanks for the post. I also enjoyed reading Young Guns by Robert Tuchman. I particularly liked his first four chapters which dealt with the start, the idea, and the plan. Should be required reading for new entrepreneurs.

  3. Tom-

    Thanks for your comments on TEN9EIGHT. For more information or to obtain a copy of the DVD, your readers can check out

    All the best - Mary Mazzio (producer/director: TEN9EIGHT)