Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Reading from a Foggy Day in Nova Scotia

While stuck in the Halifax airport thanks to fog, I’ve been catching up on my reading, and a some stories caught my eye while drinking coffee and eating cheesecake.

First, in the current issue of Entrepreneur magazine, take a look at The Next Mission: Autonomy by Jennifer Lawler. Great story about Syracuse University’s Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities(EBV) program which includes information about John Raftery and Brian Inglesias…two wonderful grads of the program. Mike Haynie, the father of the program and national director of EBV describes the intersection of entrepreneurship and the military in his comment in the article: "At its core, entrepreneurship is about the ability to create and grow a sustainable venture in a resource-constrained environment. This is a skill learned well by all military folks, and they recognize that skill as a competitive advantage in a startup environment."

Another interesting article is in the current issue of Forbes, Salvation at the Call Center. This article talks about an entrepreneurial success story that also includes a bit of social good work as well. I also liked the article, Files Without Borders, describing the journey of the tech company Dropbox. Given that I am working here in an airport, using Dropbox, had I known about it, it might have been a good idea for me to be a customer.

And finally, for those of us still brave enough to invest in the stock market, read David Randall’s article, Your Own Worst Enemy, based on the research of UC Berkley professor Terrance Odean. If you read it, you might never invest in anything other than index funds again. But, knowing how entrepreneurs are, you know you are smarter than the market so you’ll probably invest anyway.

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