Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ESPN and Corporate Innovation

Sometimes, even big companies can be entrepreneurial. One of my favorite websites is ESPN.com and along with their TV channels, are the go-to place for folks like me who love sports. Thanks to Sean Branagan, take a look at the article: ESPN bypasses corporate red tape with iPad and Xbox360.

I particularly love the line, “Put simply, ESPN's techies have no interest in wasting months and years creating proprietary IP that they could theoretically sell to others in the future. Instead, they're interested in serving the fan, and serving the fan involves using whatever tools are readily available in order to push the envelope faster than the competition.” For ESPN, it’s all about serving their core customer…the fan. They aren’t taking their eye of the ball, and they are remembering that it all begins and ends with getting content to the fan, and making their experience…FUN!

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