Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oregon Football and Entrepreneurship

Thanks to a very busy schedule (lots of students talking about ideas and their businesses), I haven’t been able to blog. But with the semester now coming to its conclusion, I’ll be back writing.

First, everyone who knows me knows how much I love the SU football team. All you have to do is spend ten minutes with Coach Marrone, and you’ll see why this team is succeeding. Doug is a great guy and someone who you just know is going to build a great program.

Last week in the NY Times there was an article, not about our Orange, but about another great football program that’s awfully fun to watch. The University of Oregon football team is what I like to call “must see TV.” If you’re flipping through the dial and the Ducks are on, you just can’t help but watch their unique brand of football. The article, Speed Freak Football, is an interesting read. The reason that I call it to your attention here is because the Ducks coach, Chip Kelly, is a guy who is constantly thinking outside the box, something as entrepreneurs, we have to do. Read the article, enjoy it, and think about how you might start thinking like Kelly does, and reinvent your company.

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