Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sports and Entrepreneurship

The Orlando Sentinel yesterday ran a very nice story on a neat entrepreneurial company…XOS Digital. If you’re not familiar with the company, that’s probably OK but rest assured that all of your favorite college and NFL football teams, along with teams in the NBA and NHL know this organization very well. For those teams, XOS can be the difference between winning and losing. XOS was founded by Dan Aton in 1999 after he did some work for the Orlando Magic. Today, XOS is the dominant player in the digital sports space serving “more than 480 partners representing more than 900 teams in the NCAA, NFL, NBA, and NHL.” Dan is a great entrepreneur who took an interest and passion, and matched it up with a problem in the marketplace and in the process created a successful enterprise. For entrepreneurs and sports fans, the article is an interesting one to read: Lake Mary Company XOS Digital provides data for many college, pro sports teams.

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