Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Love the Newspaper Industry...

I love the newspaper industry…always have. However, I’m probably exactly what’s wrong with it because even though I read more newspaper now than ever, I only pay for one. I read the Wall Street Journal and parts of the NY Times, LA Times, Denver Post, the Syracuse Post Standard, South Bend Tribune (to keep tabs on Notre Dame) and the Chicago Tribune to keep track of my beloved Blackhawks. But I only pay for the on-line and print edition of the Wall Street Journal, and the others I read for free on the internet.

Which brings me to Peter Kann’s column in today’s Wall Street Journal. As you read this article, for a moment, forget about the newspaper industry and insert your industry or your company whenever Mr. Kann refers to his industry. That’s to me the interesting thing about the demise of the newspaper industry; just a few years ago it was unthought-of that the thing could go down in flames as it has. Sure it’s been in trouble for a while, but no one really saw this coming and that’s the lesson for all of us, no matter what industry we are in. Look; watch; and think because if you are not careful…if you aren’t paying close attention to your business model…if you aren’t innovating...if you aren't talking and listening to your customers…and your customers kids…you too someday could be sitting in the same place that they are today.

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