Friday, June 19, 2009

Find the Pain; Find the Opportunity

An entrepreneur from Virginia sent the story below to me, with a suggestion that perhaps this is another form of entrepreneurship that we should think more about in our business schools. His concern is that b-schools spend so much of their student’s time talking about launching high-tech ventures (i.e. the next Google) that we don’t point out to our students that there are other opportunities out there. In the short time I have been at Syracuse University, I’ve talked to students who are thinking of businesses in industries as diverse as restaurants, manufacturing, software, entertainment, and on and on.

But my friend from Virginia’s point is well-taken so take a look at this article, Waxman’s Beat, about finding the pain in the news marketplace and then identifying the right VC group (Seattle-based venture capital firm Maveron LLC, founded by Dan Levitan and Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz) to back the enterprise.

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