Friday, April 29, 2011

Ozzie, Baseball and the World of Social Media

Major League Baseball now has to deal with wonderful world of social media. One of their managers, the White Sox’s Ozzie Guillen was tossed out of a recent baseball game for arguing with an umpire, and then went into the clubhouse and tweeted about it. Ozzie, who is no novice when it comes to getting thrown out of games, is cutting new social media ground for the business of baseball.

Baseball is a wonderful lesson for all of us…it was once America’s game, but thanks to incredibly long games, World Series games that start and end way too late at night, and a season that keeps starting earlier and ending later in the year(can you say baseball games in November?)…they’ve lost key fans to football. Of course if I was in charge of any of the four big-time sports in the US (baseball, football, basketball and hockey) I’d be terrified of the future. If you want to have some fun, ask someone who is in the age range of 16-25 how many complete games of any of those four sports have they watched recently. The answer will be very low (maybe zero) and very different from what the response would have been twenty years ago. These sports need to find a way to engage the younger audience, because without it, 20 years from now there will be half filled stadiums ...and the only games being broadcast on TV will be video games.

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