Thursday, April 1, 2010

Five Tips on Growing Your Business

Orlando friend, entrepreneur and social marketing expert Mark Carbone forwarded on the article, Growing Your Business: Five Tips from the Founder of Foursquare.

From the article regarding guerrilla marketing:

Foursquare is by no means perfect. As a young startup, the company faces the challenge of keeping their servers running as they attract record levels of activity, and doing so always in the public eye. It’s a daunting position to be in unless it’s approached head-on, and that’s what Crowley (co-founder of Foursquare Dennis Crowleyand Syracuse University grad) and his team do on a daily basis.

“We’ll use Twitter Search to search for things like “foursquare sucks,” “foursquare broken,” etc. to find people who are experiencing problems but who would probably never submit a support ticket. With a quick @reply we can often shed some light on the issue and do it in public.”
The same guerilla-style customer service is perfect for small businesses, especially with regard to negative press or unflattering blog posts and comments. Crowley says, “don’t feel shy, jump in and comment. Making yourself part of the conversation shows users you’re listening and care about the issues they have.”

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