Monday, August 3, 2009

Making the Most Out of Twitter

I like Monday evenings, and it’s not even football season yet. I like Monday’s not because I’m ready for some football (which I am), but because Monday’s the day that I get Barron’s. Now I know lots of you have been reading Barron’s for years, but for me, this is something new. And one of the reasons’s I like it is because I’ve been finding in every issue something interesting.

Take today for example: I’ve been struggling for a while now to make sense of Twitter. I use it and try to follow what’s being written on entrepreneurship, sports and politics. Among others, I follow Charlie Weis, Karl Rove and Shamu, probably enjoying Shamu’s posts the most. But as I follow more and more people, the less value Twitter seems to be giving me because even with Tweet Deck, it’s tough to make sense out of what people are saying…which leads me to believe no one really reads what’s out there on Twitter. People are talking and nobody is listening, which was causing me to pay less and less attention to it. But in the current issue of Barron’s there is an interesting article by the Electronic Investor (Mike Hogan and Nancy Miller) on using Twitter for chatting on investments which maybe is one interesting reason to start paying attention again to the Tweets. Or maybe I’ll just go back and see who Shamu is dumping on today.

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