Thursday, April 9, 2009

Women Entrepreneurs' Rock!

Yesterday was a spectacular day here in Syracuse. Yes, the weather was cold but the conversation on entrepreneurship was red hot as we hosted the seventh annual WISE (Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship) Symposium. Over 1,000 women entrepreneurs attend this wonderful event. The group heard from a wide range of speakers which include three inspiring keynotes from Cindy Solomon, Linda Dulye and Melissa Aronson (Emme). What was particularly interesting was to watch those in attendance use the day to learn from our speakers, learn from each other, and enhance their personal networks. The business expo, which was added to the program for this year, sold out and will be a permanent addition to the event. This program also was a great opportunity for those in attendance to hear more about our WISE Center, which is a permanent location to help women entrepreneurs take their thoughts and dreams of a business, and turn them into an entrepreneurial reality. As one of my staff is so fond of saying: women entrepreneurs’ rock!

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