Friday, January 30, 2009

Not Waiting for a Bailout

These are most certainly difficult times for all people, but it’s remarkable to see the resiliency that’s coming from the entrepreneurial world. While the big companies are hanging out in Washington looking for a hand-out, the entrepreneurs that I talk to tell me that they are doing what entrepreneurs do…focusing on their customers, working hard and not waiting for the folks in Washington to solve the crisis. Make no mistake, entrepreneurs are concerned about the economy, but even in these challenging times they are working to position themselves to be ready when the economy turns around. Here’s an article from the Los Angeles Times by Cyndia Zwahlen that confirms from the left coast, the things I’m hearing here in Florida. Below is a quote that I particularly liked:

"My focus isn't on a handout, my focus is to have the leadership skill and visionary skill to bring a lot more relevance to my business through becoming far more remarkable," said Michael Donner, third-generation owner of Barco Uniforms Inc., which employs 175 people in Gardena.

Amen to that Mr. Donner!

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