Sunday, November 23, 2008

You Must Watch This

I received this YouTube video today from Peter Grandich’s blog. In sending it around he included the following note:

“After another wild week in the financial markets, fears of losing our jobs, homes and what we think is so important to us, we could be tired, angry or depressed. How many of us receive emails daily from friends, family and business associates? Many of them are sent to bring joy, peace or a laugh. I received this email from a friend and I can honestly say no other email has ever surpassed what I got out of this one.”

As I sit here on a Sunday morning, I was so moved by the YouTube piece, that I felt compelled to pass it along. Please watch it.


  1. Wow, truly incredible. If he can fall down and get back up, there's no reason any of the rest of us can't.

  2. Bob Minotti said. . . Thank you so much for posting this video. My 12 year old daughter has a birth defect concerning her right arm and hand. I have been sensing her pain with not being like all the other girls. Without saying anything, I asked her to come in and view the video. After the video, I couldn't even turn around to see because the silence in the room said surely something profound happened for her. She said "cool" as she walked out of the room visibly touched by this man. All I can say is your posting of this video was more meaningful than we may know. Thank you again for posting this.